Significant shareholdings and stake in own shares

Sociedad de Gestión de los Sistemas de Registro, Compensación y Liquidación de Valores S. A. (IBERCLEAR) and its investees are tasked with accounting for the shares of Oryzon Genomics, S.A., which are held through book entries.

Significant Shareholdings :

  % voting rights attached to shares % voting rights through financial instruments % Total voting rights
Denomination % Total (A) %Direct %Indirect % (B) (A+B) Date of entry in the CNMV’s registry
VENTURA FERRERO, JOSE MARIA 5.868 0 5.868 0 5.868 02/03/2018


Stake in own shares :


Vote rights number: 39,123,224

Registration date in the Commercial Register: 30/10/2018

Date of publication on the website CNMV: 31/10/2018

Percentage of voting rigths
% Total % Direct % Indirect Date of entry in the CNMV’s registry
1.709 0.000 1.709 31/10/2018


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